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Patrick is a graduate of the University of Auckland who began his training in neurosurgery at Auckland City Hospital. He pursued advanced training in neurosurgery and research at the Universities of Melbourne, Cambridge and Oxford, and, most recently at St Vincent’s and the Royal Alfred Hospitals in Sydney.

A clinician first and foremost, Patrick also has an impressive list of international research publications and has been awarded numerous research awards in North America and Europe. He has extensive neurosurgical experience from around the world, which covers a broad range of vascular, functional and tumour neurosurgery.

In an intimate event at the Centre for Brain Research, Distinguished Professor Richard Faull was pleased to announce the successful neurosurgeon to the post of Freemasons Senior Lecturer of Neurosurgery: Mr Patrick Schweder.

In Patrick’s own words, this is his “dream position”, because to him this means nurturing the potential for future developments in neurosurgery and research at the University and at Auckland District health Board.

Patrick is an active member of our Faculty’s research labs and his presence and engagement has transformed this research environment, exciting and inspiring our graduate students. Their eyes have been opened wide to the massive opportunities for advancing the frontiers of brain research to the benefit of everyone in the world.

Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, under the leadership of Professor Mike Dragunow,  attend Patrick’s neurosurgical operations in the hospital and collect vital human brain tissue samples (with the patients consent) to advance research studies in the CBR’s labs.

As further proof that our Faculty has appointed the right neurosurgeon, Patrick is absolutely passionate about empowering people affected with neurological disease, by making them active participants of their own recovery.

Patrick has taken the initiative to visit several of the Centre’s community groups, whose areas of interest align with his surgical and research expertise, delivering educational, targeted and intimate presentations.

Now, as we look into the future, Patrick is thankful to be a crucial element of a robust network to support neuroscience research that is truly translational; from the surgeon’s table, to the lab and back into the community in the form of novel therapies and educational resources for all New Zealanders to benefit from.

“It was lovely to meet Patrick and I am sure that you were aware of everyone’s pleasure and gratitude, as he delivered such a marvellous presentation. It would be an honour to have Patrick return to visit us in the future.”

Steven Fischer, National Chairman of NZ Essential Tremor Support Group

Patrick Schweder